Wednesday, 4 February 2009

FILM Review The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers

In the second part of this epic adventure of the Lord of the Rings trilogy our friends have been separated by the forces of evil, and the Fellowship of the Ring has been broken. The title of the movie "The Two Towers" signifies what the movie is about, the alliance between the two towers, or more specifically the forces of Mordor and the wizard of Isengard.
While these two forces prepare to destroy the world of men, two small hobbits travel across middle earth to take the ring of power into the fires of Mordor to the destroy it, for this is the only way to save Middle Earth from being over taken by the evil forces. At other fronts of the battlefield, the kingdom of Rohan flees to the fortress of Helms Deep to protect their people from the orcs of Isengard.

The main inspiration of this film was of course the novel written by J.R.R. Tolkein. Tolkein himself said that this novel would be impossible make it into a movie because it was so long and the narrative structure was too complicated. Nevertheless director Peter Jackson made the impossible possible, creating what is probably one of the greatest movies of all times.
The performances of the actors were astonishing, Gollum was the most realistic motion captured, 3D animated character ever created for a movie. The atmosphere that was created from the beginning of the movie was incredible, with the characters relationships, especially Frodo and Sam. The main aspect, and probably what made this film so powerful was definitely the attention to detail in every aspect of the film because this made it so much more believable.

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