Monday, 2 February 2009


In contrast to the previews poster that I reviewed, this one is a lot more serious. On this piece I believe the artists was going for a more inspirational message to the audience, and in my opinion the message that the artist was trying to get across is that the men are ready to fight for their country with all their soul and heart. This poster is really clever since it shows the leaders on the top from different eras, showing that the Russians fought for their country since medieval times and it won't be any different now, which I think is very inspirational. The red color is the most meaningful because it’s the color of the Russian flag. The artist used negative spaces very well, and I also like the way the leaders are all pointing the same direction, because it's telling the audience to follow them. I can see how this kind of propaganda shares common things with advertising because everything is so well set up and you can read the picture straight away like a comic strip.

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