Monday, 9 February 2009

Film Review 2: Ratatouile

Ratatoulie is a story of a rat called Remy who loves food, and constantly puts his life in danger because of it. One day as he enters the kitchen of an old woman to get an ingredient, but the old woman sees him and starts shooting at him with a shotgun, destroying the roof where Remy's colony was living, so they end up fleeing into the sewers. Even though nobody got hurt, Remy is separated from his colony. Nevertheless this unexpected event in our little friend's destiny comes with a big surprise, as Remy discovers he's been living in Paris the whole time. Somehow he manages to find a restaurant, where a young fellow called Linguini has just start working as a garbage boy. Accidentally Linguini spoils a soup, and Remy puts his life in danger once again in attempt of saving it. It happens that Remy puts in some special ingredients and the soup becomes a great success. While everybody thinks that Linguini was the one to cook that special soup, Remy convinces Linguini that if they work together Linguini can keep his job and Remy can finally become a chef as he always dreamed. In the end Remy gets to be chef himself while running one of the finest restaurants in Paris.
The most interesting thing about about this movie is the journey of Remy on his quest to becoming a chef in Paris. The idea of something as small as a rat becoming an honorable chef its incredible, especially when rats are stereotype as being disgusting creatures.

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