Monday, 23 February 2009

Film Review 3: Night Of The Vampire

"Night of the Vampire" is a short film by Ale Camargo, based on the book "The Evening of the Vampire" by Wilhem Von Gottenblargh. This film is an interpretation of German Expressionism, and like German Expressionism films, it has got a great use of mise en scene to add mood and meaning. I especially like the establishing shot of the city, with the big moon. Everything is design with darkness and evil in mind, with lots shadows too. The narrative of the film has got a funny aspect to it, which is the idea of a bloodsucking creature, the mosquito, sucking the blood of another bloodsucking creature the vampire. The vampire is a generic vampire, he doesn't have any specific personality, and he reminds me of the vampire in the old classic movie "Nosferatu". The narrative of the movie is fairly simple, when the vampire goes to sleep; the mosquito comes in and starts sucking the vampire's blood. The vampire then wakes up and tries to kill the mosquito with insecticide, destroying his house in the process. As the vampire tries to kill the mosquito he breaks the window, and then when he thinks he's got the mosquito the sun comes up, the light comes though the window and the vampire is burned to ashes. The moral of story is, don't under estimate your enemies however big you are.

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