Monday, 2 February 2009


After doing some more searching in hope of finding a picture of the piece that was at the Art gallery that I wanted to review, however I still couldn't find it... so I decided to review the ones that I found the other day. The only downside is that I don't know by who it was or the year that it was produce. On this one it says 1944 but I'm not sure if that is accurate.

On this piece of propaganda the artists used Hitler himself to symbolise the enemy, putting him right on the center with the Nazi broken symbol. The symbol actually looks like its coming out of Hitler's head and it helps to show the power of the puches. In my opinion this piece of propaganda is very strong because the message that it presents is that the three nations are going to crush the enemy, and therefore it gives a sense of victory, and what I would of thought, if was living in those times, a sense of hope. The artist chose to keep Hitler's head black and white in contrast with the colour of the flags, this gives the flags importance and makes them stand out. The expression on Hitler's face is of despair, and he looks hopeless. It also has a comical sense to it, and that is something that I noticed, so far all propaganda pieces depicting Hitler that I've seen use comedy, ridiculing Hitler, making him look like a clown. This piece is similar to the "Thunderbolt no504" because it shows the 3 flags and it shows Hitler being destroyed, so they are both very similar on the message they present that together they can overcome this evil and win the war.

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