Wednesday, 11 February 2009

10 Interesting Links

Some interesting website that I found:

The John Kricfalusi blog is an excellent blog for people who are into cartoons and love the art of animation. John has a great knowledge about cartoons and explains how the art of animation has degenerated over the decades. He posts new stuff almost every day, explaining things about cartoons such as character construction, layout, storyboards, different animation styles and other interesting facts about animation.
This blog is a gold mine of knowledge, and what's most incredible is that its free.

Animationpodcast is a site where you can find podcasts of Clay Kaytis interviewing top animators in the industry. Personally these are very inspirational to me, listening to all the great life stories of how did they get into the industry and how it was for them working as animators at top studios it's just incredible.
Animation Archive is the site where you can find great animation art work.
This organisation is fully dedicated to preserving the great work done by the finest animators, illustrators, story artists and other amazing people who worked in animation.
Imagineanimation is great site where you can find the la tests independent animations, University profiles, jobs, news, and where you can find one of biggest animation community on their forum. You can also sign up for their monthly newsletter, its free, so your always up to date with the latest news.
On this website you can find another very enthusiastic animation community on their forum, but more important than that, is the monthly animation competition. That's right every month they provide you with a soundtrack that you have to animate to, it can be any animation style whether 2D traditional, CGI, puppet animation or any other. You can also find reviews done by professionals reviewing animation shots that other people did. It's a great learning resource.
This website as you might have guessed the name, is the online official animation magazine with all the latest news about animation.
Here I also found that Frederick "Tex" Avery was born on the same day as I was.

This is Shawn Kelly's blog one of the three AnimationMentor founders, here you can ask Shawn animation related questions, you can also find a link for his free ebook where he put together all the interesting questions that people asked him and the answers that he wrote, you can sign up for his newsletter.
Cartoonbrew is where you can find out lots of interesting links for animation sites and blogs, so it works more like a door for other sites, however it also has its own articles about cartoons and animation news.
This blog is one of those that you have to take a look. Here you can find the most beautiful animation backgrounds. It's got backgrounds from the Disney movies, amazing pieces of art I have to say. the simple but very stylized Warner Brothers backgrounds and others. You can learn a lot about composition by copying these backgroups.
Here is an amazing tutorial to helping you learn how to draw from life, understanding what's beneath the skin, which the structure, the anatomy of living creatures and using that to help you draw more realistically.

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