Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Yesterday, our class went to the Tate Modern Gallery, which turned out to be great fun.

Photo By Sam Leonard
From the Left - Paul, Marten, Me,
Giovanni and Jack

I was most impressed by the room with the WORLD WAR TWO/ SOVIET propaganda paintings, especially one called "Thunderbolt - Tass Window no.504 circa 1942-3 by Mikhail Kupriyanov 1903-1991 Porfiry Krylov 1902-1990 and Nikolai Sokolov born 1903 " which I will be talking in more detail on the next post. I tried to find an image of it online but had no luck.
Here are some examples of the Kukryniksy Collective
that was on the gallery. B-E-A-UTIFUL stuff.

OK guys thats all for now, I'll post some more later on.
Take care for now.

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